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Question: What is "Realm of Magic"?

Answer: A MUD, a Multi-User Dungeon.

Question: What is a Multi-User Dungeon?

Answer: A MUD is a roleplaying game played over the Internet. People from all over the planet call in to chat, goof around, solve quests, and rape, kill, and murder ficticous beings in dozens of different virtual worlds. Any more questions?

Question: Yes?

Answer: Hey, visit the homepage of Realm of Magic

Question: Errr... And who is Airlag?

Answer: I am Airlag. Well, I play Airlag in the Realm of Magic. There I am a mage, who joined the exploring and wandering fraction, the order of ExMo. I love to discover new things and I sometimes fight for the rights of minorities, even for the NPC's, the Non-Player-Characters. Everybody has the right on a good chance in fight.

In the future, I want to become immortal. This is a form of rising in the hierarcy of the realms, that would allow me to form and create parts of the world. I allready have some nice little ideas...

Well, at thursday, february.6 1996, I reached my goal by immorting! I have never been dying so often than since that memorable day...

In Realm of Magic there are tonns of good equipment and everybody wants to have the very best... As memger of ExMo I thought, Hey do some work, create a list of items. Well, now there are several...

  • List of Armor
  • List of Boats
  • List of Bags
  • List of Herbs
  • List of Strange Keys
  • List of Special Lights
  • List of Special Things
  • List of Potions
  • List of Scrolls
  • List of Staffs and Wands
  • List of Weapons

1997.04.19 Somebody don't like you out there... They told me to kick me out if I don't remove the lists, sorry. But I promise that this is not the last word spoken, I promise you!

And again something new:

ExMo Clubhouse
[1998.08.11: The ExMo Homepage was originally created by me but after my departure I gave it in the hands of Francy, another member of ExMo]

I have been punished by the higher gods again and I think I still don't know all the reasons that led to this. They say that the possibility of abusing my item list was reason enough (I have been updating it from time to time, but didn't publish it).
Well, for me it is the last reason to stop doing anything for the administration of the RoM. 
I continue playing with a mortal char, Samoa is the name, but don't expect to see Airlag too often.
Here's the log of that punishment and a letter I wrote to the immortal board after that.

And again it happened. I was punished, thrown out of the immortal sphere, with no reason, except for being lazy, which was because I was set INACTIVE and TROUBLEMAKER by them, Immortal of the lowest level. As such noone can do anything. 
One good thing is with this. I have no reason anymore to not publish all the information I have, so the links above wil be activated as soon as possible! 
One last thing, here's the logfile of my punishment (we talked german, sorry), a letter I sent to all immortals known to me and a trial of Christian (german) to calm the whole situation.

Now that I am finally pissed of the intercourse among some of the so-called immortals, especially when I'm involved, I have deleted all my characters from the RoM. I still hold tons of information, especially about items.
You need info? Here is info!

And a not complete analysis of the alchemy system.

And a last leaving gift for the administration of the Realm of Magic.

At this place I want to add some useful and interesting links in coherence with MUDs.

Zugg's MUD Client simply the best MUD Client

The MULTI MUD homepage: is Fantasy and SF (Starwars)

MUD-List of the University Colone


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