Hello Mud,

I write this here because since Airlag was punished once again, he is not
longer able to write on any board. In adition, Samoa can't write to boards
now too.

I wish I would have been able to hold this in the upper spheres, but this
seems impossible.
Criscals accusation implied that I massively gathered information for my
mortal character(s). First of all I only have Samoa as mortal char. Second
I did not abuse my immortal knowledge for my mortal char. Tell me one reason
why I should walk around with common EQ for months when acting like CC
implies. Tell me why I still don't know all alchemy recipies when acting
like CC implies.
Criscal wrote that I am still thinking of my immortal char as the less
important one. What do you think is an immortal char with the troublemaker
and incative flags set? Such a char can explore without fearing harm from
any mobs or DT's, explore even closed zones, but I did not so. Such a char
can't gather more information from a mob or item than a mortal char and he
has to use the same spells and skills.
In fact I only broke the rules once by publishing information for what I was
punished in the first time. After that I did not break any immortal rule nor
did I break my given word in other cases like not publishing anything about
alchemy. Airlag simply did nothing except a few quests and sometimes reading
boards and writing his opinion about current discussions or changes.
And then comes Criscal telling me that if I don't leave freely I'll be
thrown out of the immortal sphere. An offer to work me through the whole
book of typos led to nothing.
Yes, I told Criscal that I will publish all collected information when
thrown out and made mortal again. Since I don't feel guilty in any cases
after my first punishment, this is my last defense against arbitrariness.
He called this blackmail. Oh well that's his right to see it this way, and
it was his decision to continue to destroy a status quo that meant no
harm to anybody.
Now what do you think I should do? Accept the punishment? This would mean
to accept every unjustified accusion in the future too. In my opinion the
only way is to set a sign and leave this place after again holding my word.
This means you all should keep an eye at
where all the nice information about items that mortals would murder for
will pop up.
Immortals will argue that this will break the balance, maybe that's true.
I say that a lot of mortals will visit zones that have been deserted for
months just to search items they have never known. I hope I am right.