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Multi User Dungeons - MUDs in short - are some kind of role playing games in the world wide web. Beside thie there are MUSHs, MOOs and other strange cows around...

Anybody out there who still knows the good old text adventures from the neolithic age of computers? In MUDs they still exist.
All information is displayed as text, normaly by a specialized telnet client.
Most worlds of MUDs are really gigantic. Little quests ensure having fun and excitement, even if there is no moderator online. But when there is a moderator leading a quest, that really rocks!
A lot of people visit MUDs to use them as chat rooms. You will find other players online almost everytime.

I have played in the Realm of Magic MUD for several jears. After leaving, I helped in the Dream of the Dragon MUD to create parts of the world. That MUD wasn't open for public since then and I fear it never will be.
At the left side you find links to what has accumulated by now.

created by J. Reuther 

updated 30.10.2000