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[Armor without limit (120K)]
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Name CharBits Affects Damage Type average Script
the glowing flourescent green baseball bat     25d5 crush 75  
GodSlayer     100d10 backstab 550  
a dirt ball     250d20 blast 2625  
a menhir   +100 to CHAR_WEIGHT 1d50 crush 25,5  
a flaming Battlesword of a mighty Mage   +10 to HITROLL, +10 to DAMROLL 255d255 backstab 32640  
a deadly Spear   +4 to STR, +10 to CON 255d255 backstab 32640  
a 30 mm automatic cannon     99d99 blast 4950  
a wizards hat     1d150 pound 75,5  
a pingpong paddle     666d666 backstab 222111  
a huge 2-handed bible     667d667 pound 222778  
the Word     0d0 0 0  
a deadly injector     50d50 backstab 1275  
a very big battleaxe     10d25 crush 130  
Airlag's small singularity     20d20 blast 210  
Xi's logical paradoxon of real fiction FLYING +20 to STR, +44 to MANA 666d666 blast 222111  
Toshi's big mean 30mm-cannon SANCT +100 to CHAR_HEIGHT 100d250 blast 12550  
the Hate of XI     100d100 backstab 5050  
the bow 'Deathkiss' HIDE   10d50 blast 255  
Criscal's comb     10d999 backstab 5000  
a gleaming scythe     17d5 slash 51  
Richard's Scalpel     999d999 backstab 499500  
the Flamestrike   +100 to HITROLL, +100 to DAMROLL 30d30 9 465 Exists
a roman battlesword     5d25 backstab 65  
a black katana   +10 to HITROLL, +10 to DAMROLL 66d666 blast 22011  
the KILL-O-ZAPP     99d200 blast 9949,5  
the Sword of the Virtues   +10 to HITROLL 20d20 backstab 210  
an ornated Unholy Mace   -102 to DAMROLL, -102 to HITROLL 66d66 crush 2211  
an Ancient Sword forged in the Blood of Gods     66d66 backstab 2211  
the Orb   +50 to CHAR_HEIGHT, +5 to HITROLL 10d2500 blast 12505 Exists
the scythe of everlasting sleep SANCT +10 to HITROLL, +10 to DAMROLL 5d100 backstab 252,5 Exists
the scythe of the black death   +10 to HITROLL, +10 to DAMROLL 6d7 backstab 24  
a grenade     666d666 blast 222111  
a cloth mouse     666d666 backstab 222111  
Condor's Great Hammer of War     5000d1 crush 5000  
an old and worn broadsword     2000d1 slash 2000  
Electra's heavy STUHLBEIN     5000d1 crush 5000  
the Twilight Blade SNEAK -100 to ARMOR, +100 to HITROLL 666d666 backstab 222111 Exists
a swirling, enveloping mist SNEAK +100 to HITROLL, -100 to ARMOR 20d20 whip 210  
the Templar's Warsword FLYING +100 to HITROLL, -100 to ARMOR 30d30 backstab 465  
balista HOLD +10 to NONE, +10 to NONE 2d500 pierce 501  
a teddybear     666d666 pound 222111  
a beautiful and huge sunflower     999d999 backstab 499500  

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