Today Criscal punished me by reducing me from ArschImmo to Immo.

The accuse changed from 'you published again a list of items' over 'you scanned
the ingrediences of alchimy with vstat' to 'you abused immo knowledge to push
your 2char'.
Every point of accusation seemed to shrink when I started to argue and defend
myself. The last point I thought I don't need to answer, because Samoa really
don't has the best EQ, as everybody easily can check. Samoa got his best EQ
by auctioning or as gift from friends (eg. Marvin gave me a gold medal, that's
lying on the bottom of a DT for some weeks now) and I don't make a secret out
of that. But in general I had the feeling that nothing that I was saying in that
conversation with Criscal could change anything on a previously decided

I really wanna know if my case was discussed in the regions with the thin air
before Criscal punished me.

Is it illegal to vstat equipment? If yes, is it illegal in general or only for me?
Originally I created that list that's causing the excitement because I wanted
to have a good base for leading quests. It's another point why that did not work.

I am curious if any 2char can prove that he is not profiting from the knowledge of
his 1char.

Did I forget anything?
Mail me if you like, dear reader. My email is still

Ah yes, I have a log of that whole thing.