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type name charflags affections AC Spellevel spell
ARMOR a black t-shirt embossed with a glowing lightning bolt     11    
ARMOR an old bomber jacket     11    
ARMOR a Casio calculator memo wrist watch     11    
ARMOR the Anti-Lag Shield     11    
ARMOR a rubber band     11    
ARMOR the gaunlets of flawless typing     11    
ARMOR a halo of true sanctity     11    
ARMOR a ring of inspiration     11    
ARMOR a ring of creativity     11    
ARMOR the sleeves of link preservation     11    
ARMOR Sagent's tiny locket     11    
ARMOR the millstone of knowledge     11    
ARMOR a snow white Cloak SANCT +20 to CON, +20 to DAMROLL 270    
ARMOR the white ring   +10 to STR, +10 to CON 100    
ARMOR an ammo-belt     100    
ARMOR a funky t-shirt with a caption     0    
ARMOR Heras orb of protection   -50 to SAVING_DEATH, -50 to SAVING_ENCHANT 15    
ARMOR Moonlight Robe     250    
ARMOR Toshi's personal robe     15    
ARMOR a black leather dress     15    
ARMOR a silver necklace     15    
ARMOR the robe of Aphrael, Goddess of kisses and cuddles FLYING   15    
ARMOR Real cool sunglasses WIZ-EYE   15    
ARMOR Aphraels wedding ring HIDE +20 to SAVING_ENCHANT 15    
ARMOR Whirlwind robe     200    
ARMOR a dark cowl with silver runes   +15 to STR, -120 to CHAR_HEIGHT 300    
ARMOR the Creator tool belt     100    
ARMOR the holy robe of Avatar   +100 to MANA, +100 to HIT 200    
ARMOR Robe of the PlanesWalker   -6 to SAVING_DEATH, -6 to SAVING_ENCHANT 15    
ARMOR a Pair of Black 10 eye Dr Martins     -15    
ARMOR a silver, white linen robe SANCT +2 to AGE 200    
ARMOR a pair of white linen shoes     12    
ARMOR the dark robe of endless Madness FLYING -20 to SAVING_DEATH 300    
ARMOR Condor's Diamond Plate     200    
ARMOR Condor's heart FLYING   10    
ARMOR Electra's heart FLYING   0    
ARMOR the Dress of Swirling Shadows FLYING -100 to ARMOR, +20 to STR 15    
ARMOR Criscal's wedding headband PEACE -10 to AGE, +2 to CHAR_HEIGHT 10    
LIGHT the Obvious Clue          
LIGHT Gwyneth's one and only huge teddy bear          
LIGHT the holy Ankh of Avatar   +3 to INT, +100 to MANA      
LIGHT the Light of War          
SCROLL Gwyneth driver license       41 death
STAFF a barrel filled with poisonous gas       50 death
STAFF the staff of DEATH       50 death

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