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Here you are, looking for something interesting, something funny...
Hmmm, that's not that easy.

Well, I'll start with me.

I was born in 1964, I'm living in Heidelberg in Germany. I have studied computer science and since then I am working as organizational consultant.

This page is part of my private activities, so I will write nothing about my job. People interested in that may visit my employer.

The child in me never died. In my free time I am reading science fiction and fantasy, I love manga videos (both consumer only), I play roleplaying games and I am playing and collecting Magic the Gathering(TM).

In addition I have my own thoughts to the things that happen throughout the world. Thoughts of possibilities and impossibilities in politics, society and science. Unfortunately the philosophy and alchemy section is in german language only.

I discovered the use of internet for my interest relatively late. Allmost unbelievable looking at what I have studied! Ok, that has changed. Since then, some of you may know me as Airlag, in the last months I am known more as Samoa, visiting the Realm of Magic and my telephone is busy all the time (well, when I am at home...)
Supplement 06.1999: In the meantime that wore off.

Art is what you like. Looking at it this way I am my own worst art critic.
In the past, that means when I was young, I have drawn a lot with charcoal and pencil. I tried several other techniques, but that was not that good...
Nowadays I draw very seldom.
You can find some if my best peaces in my little art gallery.

At the left border you find a few additional themes that have found a way into my homepage.

Have fun,
          Jochen Reuther

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