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the skeleton ship

This is the sphere of darkness, the sphere of fear and horror, where all your demons come from. Don't act careless, watch your steps and expect the unexpected. Them you may survive!

At the center you can find a place of high gravity. Few have ever survived to go there, but it is surely a place of great fascination. It even is a place where some humans live, but be aware! They are of great might and of great evilness.

Around the center you will find several orbits that are relatively safe to travel. Near these orbits lie some places that are worth visiting, all located on small isolated worlds, drifting in eternal twilight.

I explicitely warn you to never visit the marketplace of the devlers! When you see it at first, you may think it's harmless, a place where you can buy almost everything. But all that will happen is that you pay lots of money for useless toys or junk.

The skeleton ship is a moving vehicle with a mighty spell of illusion on it. Truth is that it is built with bones of gigantic demons and manned with undead.

You really are a lucky one, because we were able to get a copy of the original construction plans of the dark space itself, so it may be more easy now to find your way there. <click here for the plans>



created by J. Reuther 

updated 06.11.2000